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Our diverse portfolio of Two-Way Radios, Antennas and Security products for Government and public safety, makes is possible for customers to focus on their mission & not technology. When your mission matters most, there isn't time to waste struggling with poor communication or unreliable Two-Way Radios or other products. Give SATLEC the opportunity to supply your team with better information, better decisions, and a better outcome.

SATLEC Two-Way Radios has 35 years experience in the Two Way Radio industry. We supply all the leading brands of two-way radios including Motorola, Smart PTT, Kenwood, Hytera, Icom, Vertex, SFE & Kirisun Walkie Talkies.

We have our price match promises and are confident that we can provide the best competitive prices on the web for all our radio packages and radio accessories. At SATLEC, we bring you the best walkies talkies and two way radios from the top manufacturers which are designed for everyday use and packed with all the latest features. We offer both licensed and unlicensed 2-way radios for use across many business sectors.

Two-Way Radio History:

Around the world, Motorola Solution Channel Partners are recognized for their expertise and success in delivering innovative mobile and Communication Solutions that connect customers with critical information in moments that matter. Our Company SATLEC Two-Way Radios is registered with Motorola Head Office to be able to provide this partner channel Solution.

Top Selling Portable Radios:

Portable Radios help improve the productivity and efficiency of staff members. Portable Two Way Radios also can help out in tricky situations where it may be difficult to raise help – enabling you to raise alerts when necessary. Two Way Radios can be filtered, not allowing anyone apart from the participants you have selected, to be able to overhear the conversation in order to avoid unnecessary panic.

SATLEC Two-Way Radios, is once again leading the way in the market with the introduction of a five-year warranty on specified Kenwood Two-Way Radios.

Top Selling Mobile Radios:

A Companies Main concern is to keep things running smoothly, due to the tight schedule they run and the vast array of sectors that they have to monitor. Vehicles come and go constantly, so, Two Way Radios ensure that they run to schedule. This is vitally important to the running of a Company, as it also enables staff to communicate with each other from building to Vehicle – in order to keep up to date with promt delivery and collections.

Radio News Blog:

Kenwood NEXEDGE Protecting Borders and Wildlife at Kruger National Park

Kenwood distributor for South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa has completed the radio communication system upgrade for the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) operating in the world-renowned Kruger National Park.

The park which is situated in the heart of the Lowveld covers an area of 19,485 square kilometres and became South Africa's first national park in 1926.

Kruger National Park borders with Zimbabwe in the north and Mozambique to the east and is part of the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere, an area designated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) as an International Man and Biosphere Reserve. It is the natural habitat to some of the most diverse and important wildlife on the planet.

The South African National Defense Force plays a dual role at the park in protecting its national borders and supporting the SAN Parks game rangers in their vital operations against rhino poachers crossing into the park from Mozambique.

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Hytera Licence-free

Radios for simple, small businesses.

Smaller establishments face some ‘new normal’ organisational challenges in re-starting operations following the relaxation of COVID-19 lockdown protocols. They are tasked with ensuring returning employees are able to work efficiently and productively while still adhering to the required social distancing measures.

Given that these measures look likely to stay in place for some time, businesses like high street banks and smaller retail outlets, along with primary and secondary schools, will need to consider what solutions they can implement to enforce social distancing rules and help keep employees, customers, teachers and students safe.

Good communications are essential to cope with these new work restrictions. Two-way radios are an ideal solution as they enable social distancing to be maintained, but unlike mobile phones they provide instant push-to-talk and one-to-many communications, as well as individual calling.

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Portable Two-Way Radio Safety Features

This series of intelligent voice & data hand portable two-way radios from Motorola Solutions come in either a standard or GPS model and have available a number of safety features which we can activate at any point to protect your lone workers and ensure they always have a means of communication open to them which isn’t reliant on a cellular signal or WIFI connection.

The MOTOTRBO DP4000e Series is based on –

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Understanding Smart PTT Sim Card Radios:

These Radios only utilize R55 pre-paid sim card 325MB data per Radio per Month on either Vodacom or MTN which you pay directly to them. There is no monthly extra payment to us.

These radios talk across South Africa using only data if you press the PTT button for entire hour it only uses 3MB data that's why you can communicate the entire month on 325MB of data.

The Sim Card radios also have a built in GP's Chip which tracks the radios real time position. The radios are pinged every 5 seconds of their current location. The radio to radio communication is also recorded allowing playback of any communication that is required. There is also an SOS feature when pressed show location and radio name on dispatch software.

Some of our units also have Bluetooth, WiFi and camera for extra security functions that you may require.

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