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We started Using SATLEC for there innovative communication solutions since 2008 and we have been so happy with their fast service and there friendly advice.

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We have been using these radios for the past 2 years and have yet to find any other system that can compete and communicate at the distance of the Smart PTT Radio. They Even communicate in areas of low GSM coverage across South Africa.

Merlin Security


We have been in business with SATLEC since 2005 and have yet to find a company that is more effiecient.

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Veronica Mende's

This is with ENORMOUS thanks to all those people that contributed for hay for the animals of Pilanesberg after the devastating fires last year. On Friday 8th March, 3 Motorola Radios were handed to the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust Anti-Poaching Unit. These radios were paid for mainly by the wonderful clients of MID FEEDS who donated money and SATLEC (011 660 2237 or AJ +27 72 344 6517 who are based in Krugersdorp and do metal detectors and radios.) Due to SATLEC giving such an incredible price 3 radios were donated instead of just 2. After much deliberation (grass now over 7 ft. High) with JOHNSON MAOKA, the Parks Manager, and STEVE DELL of PILANESBERG WILDLIFE TRUST the decision was taken that the animals needed the radios more than the grass:) These radios will be used in the fight against the Rhino Poaching. The pictures are of the handover to Johnson Maoka (on the left) and Steve Dell (on the right) - in front of far too many Rhino skulls