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Hytera HR1065 Repeater



Hytera HR1065 VHF/UHF Repeater.

Range: 50 km Portable to Portable communication.


  • Outstanding Performance

  • The enhanced version of HR1065 adopts an add-on quad-core 1.6GHz co-processor and 2G RAM for fast processing speed, which can process the services faster and integrate more applications.

  • High Integration

  • The enhanced version of HR1065 is integrated with router and SIP gateway features. Less devices and simplified management. It offers a cost-effective solution for your network construction.

  • Convenient Management

  • In the enhanced version a web-based back end platform has been designed to simplify repeater management. Configuration, upgrade and real-time diagnosis can all be completed through a web browser, which is ideal for remote management.

  • High Security

  • The enhanced version of HR1065 also adopts SNMP3.0 technology to enhance communication security. 

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