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Motorola DP2400e

MOTOTRBO™ DP2400e digital two-way radio is sturdily designed and lightweight to carry, the DP2400e is the landmark model in DP2000e series of radios, making it a fantastic first choice for any operation.  Operating on a one-push system, it’s easier than ever to connect with radios in your range and on your channel.  Safety is a must, and this radio system provides copious security controls and alarm functions to make sure all users are safe and accounted for at all times.

Range: 3 - 5 km Portable to Portable

Key Features:

  • VHF (136-174Mhz), UHF (403-527Mhz), 300R1 (300-360Mhz), 300R2 (350-400Mhz)

  • 16 Channels

  • IP67 rating for water-proofing and dust ingress

  • Tri-colour LED for clear feedback

  • Large, textured push to talk button

  • Group, individual and all-call capability

  • PTT ID

  • Remote monitor features

  • Channel Scanning

  • 5 Tone functionality

  • Basic privacy

  • Enhanced privacy

  • VOX capability

  • Transmit interrupt

  • Intelligent audio

  • TIA4950 HazLoc certification options

  • Direct mode (including dual capacity direct mode)

  • IP site connect (single and multi site)

  • Capacity plus (single and multi-site) via software purchase

  • Support for vibrating belt clip

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