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Motorola DP4400e & DP4401e

The feature-packed Motorola DP4400e hand portable digital radio includes a high capacity battery, and an impressive IP68 rating. The DP4400e Series of handheld digital radios is part of the professional Mototrbo ESeries, replacing the older generation Motorola DP4400. The DP4400e is packed with a robust, dust-tight and waterproof IP68 rating, up to 28 hours of battery life and an improved receiver which boosts the range of the radio by 8% on previous models.

The DP4400e now benefits from premium Motorola features that previously had to be purchased and activated. All in all, it's little wonder that this fantastic radio tops the Best Two-Way Radios for Business.

DP4401e ( Has GPS | Bluetooth )

Portable to Portable Range: 3 to 5 km

Key Features:

  • VHF (136-174MHz) UHF (403-527MHz)

  • IP68 Rated

  • 32 Channels

  • Large, textured push to talk button

  • Tri-Colour Led providing clear visual feedback

  • Emergency Button

  • Digital Phone Patch Capability

  • PTT ID To Improve Communications Efficiency

  • Remote Monitor

  • Scan Feature

  • Basic / Enhanced Privacy

  • AES256 Encryption Available Via Software Purchase

  • VOX

  • Transmit Interrupt

  • Lone Worker

  • 5 Tone Signaling

  • Intelligent Audio

  • TIA4950 HazLoc Certification Options

  • IP Site Connect

  • Single and Multi-Site Capacity Plus

  • Capacity Max Via Software Purchase

  • Connect Plus Via Hardware and Software Purchase

  • Memory Enhancement 128MB RAM AND 256mb Flash Memory

  • Improved Range and Battery Life

  • Support for Vibrating Belt Clip

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