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  • Licence-free radios for simple, small businesses

    Smaller establishments face some ‘new normal’ organisational challenges in re-starting operations following the relaxation of COVID-19 lockdown protocols. They are tasked with ensuring returning employees are able to work efficiently and productively while still adhering to the required social distancing measures. Given that these measures look likely to stay in place for some time, businesses like high street banks and smaller retail outlets, along with primary and secondary schools, will need to consider what solutions they can implement to enforce social distancing rules and help keep employees, customers, teachers and students safe. Good communications are essential to cope with these new work restrictions. Two-way radios are an ideal solution as they enable social distancing to be maintained, but unlike mobile phones they provide instant push-to-talk and one-to-many communications, as well as individual calling. This enables managers and staff to keep in touch in a reliable and efficient way, especially since employees are more likely to be physically separated which makes face-to-face communications less convenient. Two-way radios enable staff to maintain productivity despite social distancing, as they allow business critical messages to be transmitted instantly. The group calling feature provides efficient and timely sharing of information with everyone who needs to hear the message in real time. This ensures a faster response to any problem and the ability to quickly deal with a customer request. For all their benefits, mobile phones are a slower and less efficient way of contacting people to impart information or deal with situations requiring a coordinated effort. Many small businesses may not have considered two-way radio as an option due to relatively small footprints. Licence-free radios are not an expensive option so provide big value for a small investment. For example, Hytera’s BD305LF and BD505LF licence free digital radios are considerably cheaper than even most smartphones. Licence free radios, also known as PMR 446 radios, have a number of key benefits not the least of which is, as the name implies, no Ofcom licence required, which means they can be used anywhere by anyone at any time. Once bought, or hired, there are no recurring costs like monthly charges as with cellular or Wi-Fi contracts, no Sim card costs, or on-going maintenance charges. Unlike mobile phones, which do not take kindly to getting wet, radios can be cleaned, disinfected, and shared between staff, which reduces the number of devices required. As with Wi-Fi bands, the 446 MHz unlicensed radio bands can get congested, but Hytera Digital radios support software that helps to avoid signal interference on the same frequency and provides secure channels. Finally, Hytera radios are rugged and will survive drops, knocks and exposure to vibration, dust, and moisture ingress. This means they have a long shelf life, which greatly exceeds that of mobile phones making them a very cost-effective investment. Hytera PMR 446 radios make it easy for managers to keep in touch with staff who may be stationed at counters or tills to communicate with staff handling queues outside the building, busy assisting customers, or located in stock rooms or even the delivery areas. Two-way radios with instant PTT communications mean staff can be mobile and can easily communicate with each other while continuing to focus on their jobs or a customer with minimum disruption. This is not the case if fixed telephones are being used or if the business has to rely on public announcement systems to communicate with staff. Digital radio technology delivers excellent receive and transmit audio, providing reliable communication. The BD305LF comes with several features, which make it simple and easy to use, especially for first time radio users. An LED indicator displays the charge status through a red and green light. A voice announcement lets the user know what the channel number is, allowing them to efficiently switch channels even in operating conditions where visibility is limited. The radio has a long battery life of approximately 16 hours in digital mode ensuring it will continue to operate throughout a full shift. The radio has a digital encoding and error correcting module, which provides it with the ability to avoid signal interference on the same frequency. It is also easy to charge up via the micro-USB port. The BD505LF licence-free DMR handheld radio is a higher performance PMR 446 terminal. It has IP54 protection against dust and moisture and meets MIL-STD-810 G standards for shock, vibration and relative humidity resistance. It can operate within a temperature range of -30°C to +60°C. Like the BD305LF, it supports dual analogue and digital modes, features the green and red LED charge status indicator, the channel announcement feature and the anti-interference technology. One difference with the BD505LF is that it features separate volume and channel switching knobs, which are kept apart by the central position of the antenna for ease of use. The radio supports 16 channels. Hytera offers extremely competitive, cost-effective licence-free radios for smaller establishments on the high street, like banks and retail outlets, and for smaller offices and schools to help them cope efficiently with social distancing and the post-lock down business environment.

  • Kenwood NEXEDGE Protecting Borders and Wildlife at Kruger National Park

    Kenwood distributor for South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, Global Communications has completed the radio communication system upgrade for the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) operating in the world-renowned Kruger National Park. The park which is situated in the heart of the Lowveld covers an area of 19,485 square kilometres and became South Africa's first national park in 1926. Kruger National Park borders with Zimbabwe in the north and Mozambique to the east and is part of the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere, an area designated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) as an International Man and Biosphere Reserve. It is the natural habitat to some of the most diverse and important wildlife on the planet. The South African National Defence Force plays a dual role at the park in protecting its national borders and supporting the SAN Parks game rangers in their vital operations against rhino poachers crossing into the park from Mozambique. The Kenwood NEXEDGE® system employed by the SANDF at Kruger National Park is based on the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) accepted NXDN, 6.25 kHz channel-spacing FDMA narrowband digital land mobile standard. Global Communications enjoys a long and productive relationship with SANDF’s SA Army Signal Formation which has been using Kenwood equipment since 1988/89. The Signal Corps emblem depicts Mercurius, the messenger of the gods who projects their motto “Certa Cito” meaning “Swift and Sure”. Like their motto, the implementation of the control-channel trunked system at Kruger National Park took a swift and sure 6-month period to complete from the acceptance of the concept to commissioning of the system. The NEXEDGE system gives coverage over approximately 50% of the park and comprises 8 microwave linked sites in a fully digital system providing a group call service to 300 users in 21 user groups. Each of the radio sites include a mast at an average height of 30 metres, Collinear antennas and four combined repeaters configured as one control and three voice channels.

  • MOTOTRBO DP4000E Safety Features

    This series of intelligent voice & data hand portable two-way radios from Motorola Solutions come in either a standard or GPS model and have available a number of safety features which we can activate at any point to protect your lone workers and ensure they always have a means of communication open to them which isn’t reliant on a cellular signal or WIFI connection. The MOTOTRBO DP4000e Series is based on – MOTOTRBO DP4400e and DP4401e – No screen or keypad (GPS model) MOTOTRBO DP4600e and DP4601e – Screen and half keypad (GPS model) MOTOTRBO DP4800e and DP4801e – Screen and full keypad (GPS model) MOTOTRBO DP4401 ATEX – No screen or keypad (GPS model) MOTOTRBO DP4801 ATEX – Screen and full keypad (GPS model) MOTOTRBO LONE WORKER SAFETY FEATURES Radio Check – this feature allows you to determine if another radio is active in a system without disturbing the user of that radio. No audible or visual notification is shown on the target radio. Remote Monitor – use the remote monitor feature to turn on the microphone of a target radio (subscriber alias or IDs only). No audible or visual indication is given to the target radio. You can use this feature to monitor, remotely, any audible activity surrounding the target radio. Your radio must be programmed to allow you to use this feature. MOTOTRBO Emergency Button – by programming the MOTOTRBO hand portables orange button you have a quick way to call for help. This feature raises an emergency if there is no user activity, such as any radio button press or activation of the channel selector, for a predefined time. Before raising the emergency, when the inactivity timer expires, the radio warns the user via an audio indicator. If there is still no acknowledgement by the user before the predefined reminder timer expires, the radio initiates an Emergency Alarm. Only one of the following Emergency Alarms can be assigned to this feature: Emergency Alarm Emergency Alarm with Call Emergency Alarm with Voice to Follow The radio remains in the emergency state allowing voice messages to proceed until action is taken. Your radio must be programmed to allow you to use this feature. MOTOTRBO Man Down – the purpose of the Man Down Alarms is to alert others when you might be in danger. This is accomplished by programming your radio to detect a certain angle of tilt, lack of movement, or movement, depending on which Man Down Alarm(s) is/are enabled. If your radio detects a disallowed movement type, and if the condition is not corrected in a certain period of time, the radio starts to play an Alert Tone (if programmed). At this point, you should immediately take one or more of the corrective actions discussed below, depending on which Man Down Alarm(s) has/have been enabled for your radio. If you do not take corrective action within a certain period of time, your radio automatically starts an Emergency (either an Emergency Call or Emergency Alert): Tilt Alarm – when your radio is tilted at or beyond a specified angle for a period of time, it plays an alert tone – to prevent the radio from automatically starting an EmergencyCall or Emergency Alert, restore the radio to the vertical position immediately Anti-Movement Alarm – when your radio is motionless for a period of time, it plays an Alert Tone (if programmed). To prevent the radio from automatically starting an Emergency Call orEmergency Alert, move the radio immediately. Movement Alarm – When your radio is in motion for a period of time, it plays an Alert Tone (if programmed). To prevent the radio from automatically starting an Emergency Call or Emergency Alert, stop the radio’s motion immediately. Your radio must be programmed to allow you to use this feature. MOTOTRBO WORKER SAFETY SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS Alongside Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO safety features you can also consider software applications to enhance your radio system and eliminate the need to carry multiple devices, these include but are not limited to: MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect removes all issues you may experience with other technologies such as physical barriers, manual intervention for roaming, limited coverage or lost functionality. And then there was the bonus of no monthly service or access fees to factor in. Lone Worker – by utilising alongside our lone worker app you will have a fully recordable and reportable system which can assist with insurance mitigation, no hefty monthly tariff charges and position reporting utilising the two-way radios built-in GPS location data information which is sent a to a central point during an emergency situation. iBeacons – suitable for indoor & outdoor location tracking, these small, battery-operated units broadcast their unique identifier over Bluetooth. The radio continually listens for the iBeacons, and periodically sends a report over the MOTOTRBO™ data channel to the application.

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  • Motorola DP1400 Two-Way Radio

    < Back Motorola DP1400 Share Brochure Portable to Portable Range: 3 to 5 km ​ The DP1400 is easy to use and migrate from analogue. Your radio users can operate and communicate on their new digital radios while on the job, as your business transitions to digital technology. With a complete range of accessories you can design the DP1400 to fit perfectly into your work day. ​ Specifications: ​ VHF Band 136-174 MHz / UHF 1 Band 403-480 MHz Analog & Digital Radio VHF: 1W/5W : UHF: 1W/4W Battery life (based on a 05 05 90 duty cycle) Standard Battery - Up to 14.4 hours High-Capacity Battery - Up to 20 hours Repeater capable Yes Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery) 120 x 55 x 35 mm Weight (with standard battery) 276g Number of channels 16 Channel spacing 12.5, 20, 25 Voice announcement Yes Digital technology Yes System type Conventional, IP Site Connect IP Standards IP54 Standard warranty 2 years

  • MotorolaT62

    Motorola T62 Back Share Motorola T62 Portable to Portable Range: 1-2Km Simple, easy, fun. Camping, exploring, on the beach or just playing in the garden, the TALK-ABOUT T62 walkie-talkie is perfect for staying in touch when at home or out and about. Set up is simple thanks to the easy pairing function, then talk instantly to friends and family at the push of a button. With 16 channels, LCD display, up to 1 km range* and a choice of colours, the T62 keeps you connected to enjoy every moment. Specifications: *PMR446 radios - license free *Easy pairing *Up to 1 - 2 km* ( Depending on Terrain ) *16 Channels** *Low battery warning indicator *Keypad lock *Scan / monitor *Call alert tone *Keypad tones *Personalization stickers Brochure

  • Motorola DP2400e Two-Way Radio

    < Back Motorola DP2400e MOTOTRBO™ DP2400e digital two-way radio is sturdily designed and lightweight to carry, the DP2400e is the landmark model in DP2000e series of radios, making it a fantastic first choice for any operation. Operating on a one-push system, it’s easier than ever to connect with radios in your range and on your channel. Safety is a must, and this radio system provides copious security controls and alarm functions to make sure all users are safe and accounted for at all times. Range: 3 - 5 km Portable to Portable Key Features: VHF (136-174Mhz), UHF (403-527Mhz), 300R1 (300-360Mhz), 300R2 (350-400Mhz) 16 Channels IP67 rating for water-proofing and dust ingress Tri-colour LED for clear feedback Large, textured push to talk button Group, individual and all-call capability PTT ID Remote monitor features Channel Scanning 5 Tone functionality Basic privacy Enhanced privacy VOX capability Transmit interrupt Intelligent audio TIA4950 HazLoc certification options Direct mode (including dual capacity direct mode) IP site connect (single and multi site) Capacity plus (single and multi-site) via software purchase Support for vibrating belt clip Share Brochure

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