Hytera PDC760


PDC760 multi-mode advanced radio is the revolutionary DMR LTE hybrid device offering the ideal platform for critical voice and broadband data services. Providing a unified communication experience, this feature rich handset with multiple connectivity options is the ideal communication solution for critical situations.

Hytera's new Multi-mode Advanced Radio is a revolutionary device that was designed with the private radio network industry in mind. The first of its kind to offer a truly convergent platform for both critical voice communications and broadband data services. This innovative development marks a significant milestone within the two-way radio communications industry. The PDC760 supports multi-mode communications across a wide range of scenarios, whether its daily business operations or emergency response, broadband or narrowband, public or private networks, Hytera's multi-mode advanced radio can meet all your communications needs.

The PDC760 offers users a unified communications experience with a rich selection of applications and high-level data security; the radio is built to handle any critical communications situation and improve operational efficiency. The ergonomic design combined with a rugged chassis and touchscreen display support a new sensory experience to meet a diverse set of communications requirements that allows users to improve situational awareness to respond and achieve quickly and effectively.


DMR conventional and LTE PTT communication

Crystal Clear Critical Voice – The HYTERA PDC760 two way radio adopts advanced audio technology, such as multi-mic noise suppression, acoustic echo cancellation and wind noise suppression, to ensure the user can receive and transmit clear voice communications even in noisy environments

Multiple Security Assurances – The device support authentication and both software and hardware encryption to prevent voice and data theft. The management system monitors the radio in real-time and the device can be stunned, killed, or data erased if there is any user abnormality

Situational Awareness – Advanced audio technology supported by in-built GPS positioning and front and rear cameras supporting 4K HD video for information gathering

Rugged and Reliable – Dust and waterproof, rated IP67, with scratch and shatter-resistant Gorilla® Glass 3

Quick Charging – The latest smart battery technology delivers quick charging, 3 times faster than regular batteries, 80% of the capacity can be charged in just 30 minutes, while full charge can be achieved in 1 hour

OTAP – The Hytera Mobile Device Management (MDM) client can track device activity, push apps and updates over the air to your advanced radio fleet

Roaming – Traverse networks, moving from LTE to DMR and back seamlessly to ensure you always remain connected / Dual SIM slots as standard

Wi-Fi – Wireless connectivity for MDM programming and all manner of data applications, even operating as a portable hotspot

The first of its kind to offer a truly convergent platform for critical voice and broadband data services, this innovative development is a significant milestone. The HYTERA PDC760 two way radio supports multi-mode communication in different scenarios, whether it’s daily business operations or emergency response, broadband or narrowband, utilising the public or private network.