Kirisun DP-405

Analog & TDMA Digital

VHF or UHF Radio

Portable To Portable Range: 3 - 5 Km


he DP405 is a digital two-way radio from Kirisun. A channel capacity of 256 split across 16 zones each with 16 channels allows for sufficient communications within a large work force. The 16 zones allow for each area of a business to be allotted their own zone, this meaning that sectors of the business will be able to talk without interruption from unwanted communications elsewhere on the facility.

The DP405 is available for use with both UHF and VHF frequencies meaning that it is ideal for use in both large open spaces and built up cities.


VHF 136-174 MHz / UHF 403-527 MHz

Channel capacity: 256

Zone capacity: 16

Self-defined voice annunciation

1W high-power loudspeaker

Advanced digital voice encoding

Error correction

DMO 2-slot for increased call capacity

Smooth transition and compatibility with analogue and digital mode

16-hour battery life

ARC 40-bit encryption

Various digital signalling: Radio Check, Call Alert, Stun/Revive, Radio Kill

Emergency Call

Lone Worker

Man Down

2000mAH Li-ion battery

Dimensions: 116mm x 54mm x 31mm

Weight: 250g