Motorola MTH800


Portable To Portable Range: 3- 5 Km

  • MTH800 is no longer manufactured or available in the EMEA region. The suggested replacement product is the MTP3550.

  • The MTH800 boasts the very latest technological advances – developed in response to a myriad of real-world requirements.

  • From public sector users such as the emergency services and military, to commercial enterprises in industries as diverse as utilities, retailing, construction, logistics and transport – the need for greater security has never been more important. From the end-to-end encryption to the integrated GPS location system, the MTH800 offers an unrivalled set of tools for personal safety and security. Available only in the 450-470MHz frequency band.


  • GPS Location Service

  • Enhance user safety and efficiency with the MTH800. Incorporating the latest semiconductor technology, it includes a highly sensitive, low power consumption GPS receiver. The MTH800 uses a new patented antenna combining TETRA and GPS signal to help ensure optimal positioning of the antenna for GPS coverage. The solution includes a full terminal resident software application providing control of all GPS parameters over the air – no need to touch programmed terminals when changes are required.

  • Performance

  • The MTH800 comes packed with power, a new processor and Digital Signalling Processor (DSP) to ensure applications such as WAP, Multi Slot Packet Data (MSPD), imaging etc will run smoothly and take advantage of the 16MB byte flash memory.

  • Audio

  • While MTH800 includes many exciting new features it is important to not forget the basics – audio quality! To that effect MTH800 has two major improvements; a new larger and more effective 1 Watt speaker as well as a new 1 Watt class D audio amplifier, all together providing exceptional clarity of audio with minimal distortion, even at high audio levels (user customisable sound level).
    Colour Display
    Display technologies are moving fast. Motorola now has a 65,000 colour display included in the MTH800 for ease of use to differentiate display information to the user. The 130 x 130 pixel display provides the ability to view high resolution pictures e.g. missing persons, suspects etc.
    User Interface
    To harness the power of MTH800 a new easy-to-use graphical user interface is included with assignable shortcuts to menu items, more that 3,000 Talk Groups as well as a unified contact book with 2,000 entries – enough to satisfy even the demanding user.