Smart PTT N600

Sim Card Two-Way Radio

Talk Across South Africa


LTE Dispatch Software comes complete with Group Calling & Private calling. The Dispatch allows Dispatcher to see Real-Time positioning of radios up to 1 metre. Also Playback of radio radio communication can be done through software. The software allows for 8 Groups ( Channels ) and there can be 1000 people in each group. The Software is internet explore based only. Android App.

Works on: Real-PTT Platform / LTE Platform


Cloud based system with redundancy and multiple data centers

Utilize with smart application on IOS and Android platforms

Private PTT, Group PTT

Computer dispatch system featuring PTT, Fleet Control with Dynamic Grouping

Fleet presence and GPS tracking

Patrol check-in functionality with GPS and NFC

Audio recording with 3 months storage

Outbound 3rd party GPS integration via Android

Internet Explore Based

Google address lookup and traffic overlay

A true “All-Call” to entire fleet with multiple groups

Cross mute and taxi configurations available

Cross fleet communication

Call preemption (break into ongoing group or private call)