Smart PTT N600

Sim Card Two-Way Radio

Talk Across South Africa


Real-PTT Dispatch Software comes complete with Group Calling & Private calling. The Dispatch allows Dispatcher to see Real-Time positioning of radios up to 1 metre. Also Playback of radio radio communication can be done through software. The software allows for 1600 Groups ( Channels ) and there can be 1600 people in each group. The Software also Supports Android & iPhones.

Works on: Real-PTT Platform / LTE Platform


Cloud based system with redundancy and multiple data centers

Utilize with smart application on IOS and Android platforms

Private PTT, Group PTT and Temporary Group with up to 5 users

Computer dispatch system featuring PTT, Fleet Control with Dynamic Grouping

Fleet presence and GPS tracking with Geo Fences and Breadcrumbs

Patrol check-in functionality with GPS and NFC

Audio recording with 3 months storage

Outbound 3rd party GPS integration via API available

Software Development kit available

Google address lookup and traffic overlay

A true “All-Call” to entire fleet with multiple groups

Cross mute and taxi configurations available

Cross fleet communication

Call preemption (break into ongoing group or private call)




Real-PTT Dispatch

Smart PTT The Trade Mark Brand