Smart PTT PNC360s

Sim Card Two-Way Radio

Talk Across South Africa


The Smart PTT PNC360s IP67 Sim Card Two-Way Radio is a hand held portable with colour screen with a network radio device with programmable front buttons, side mounted PTT button, two programmable function buttons, sturdy side plug for external speaker-mic or separate external headphone & microphone.

Has Built in Bluetooth and WiFi.

The Sim Card Radio also has an emergency button on the top of the device.

Works on: Real-PTT Platform


Bluetooth ( Headsets – Vehicle Sound)

1600 Groups / Channels

Only Uses 350mb Data per Radio per Month

Real-Time GP’s Tracking Of Radio

GP’s Recordings ( Last locations for Patrolling )

Voice Recording’s

Panic Button

Crystal Clear Communication ( Loud Speaker)

Pre-Paid Sim Card

Communication Time Keeping

Private & Group Calling

Battery 4000mah Battery


1 Year Free Subscription

Compact & Small




You Tube Video

Water & Drop Test