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Proud Family Business

SATLEC was established in 1985 by co-founder Steven Palm who started his communication career working with Grinnel Communications, a part of Grinaker. Through the years he excelled in the Communication Industry and decided to start His own legacy.

With his in-house knowledge of Total Communication Solutions spanning some 41 years, he understood the needs of all his customers, not only for the right product, but also the right Service and Support package, offering a unique range of cost-effectiveness, quality, choice and capability in any communication environment, from straight forward Licence-Free to Licenced Radios.

We are very proud to mention that SATLEC still have customers who have been with us since we opened in 1985. We take our commitments seriously which is key to earning long-term customer relationships and trusts. Our customers rely on wireless communication for business productivity and safety.

SATLEC has come to stand for philosophical and unparalleled customer satisfaction. While it is true that as we believed in the past, so we do in the present, that all our Products can lead the industry in capabilities and results.

We have learned over the past years that there is no price advantage program, special product feature or other promotional advantage that can replace a satisfied customer. We stand behind the idea that one happy customer can be more valuable than the most elaborate advertising campaign. Customer satisfaction will never go out of style and a company that is willing to provide this will always be held in high regard.

The Company has been passed down from Steven Palm after his sudden death on the 4th August 2014 to his Sons, who carry on his legacy in the industry. To carry out the legacy we strive to come up with new better communication solutions that can carry the company to new heights. By Furthering our communication range and producing more reliable communication products as well as focusing on fleet management and end user relationship.

Communication is a source of everyday life in with the High Crime Rate that we have today, SATLEC promises to try our best to keep your communication secure and fully operational to the best of our ability.

During the 41 years SATLEC has sold and installed two-way radios in Lesotho , Mozambique , Zimbabwe , Zambia , Namibia , Tanzania , Malawi , Ivory Coast , Gabon and South Africa.

Listed Below are the various  Industries we have provided communication solutions for:

Hotels , Lodges , Security , Armed Cash & Carry , Mine's , Logistics , Community Police Forums , Transport , Public Safety , Government , Eskom , Correctional Facilities , Schools , Universities , Airports , Building Industry , Business Management , Farming , Food Industry , Manufacturing Factories, Tobacco Factories, Coastal Services, Power and Gas Plant's.

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